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Creating  Grazing

Creating Grazing for all your grazing catering needs. Charcuterie Platters, grazing boxes, fruit platters, grazing tables, dessert boxes, kids platters. 

We started making grazing platters for fun and for personal events. Then we'd make them for friends and relatives, for both catering events and private gatherings.  Baby showers, Birthday parties, BBQs and Boys nights started becoming a regular occurrence. After having a child and being on maternity leave, we decided maybe this was something we could start perusing as more then a hobby by getting started with full council approval and creating business platforms. Soon after Plaster Fun House reached out to us because they needed adult catering and found we were a perfect fit. Since then we have really focused on trying to go as local and farmer friendly as possible. 


Creating Grazing has been a perfect fit for our company, the team is amazing and parents love the convenience and easiness of the platter boxes"

Plaster Fun House

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